Non-STEM Related

Humans are Designed to Break Things

Everything seems breakable to us now a days – phones, clothes, shoes, and other people.

We are designed to push things to its limits and even then, we find joy and amusement in pushing it through its breaking point until it can be broken no more.

Is this a human flaw or a trait that is needed and only unique to us?

You could go both ways, really. To think that we like to push the limit on things is good (sometimes).

Take a toddler for instance, all of their toys are plastic because if they weren’t, they would have no toys. Now take a teenager who just got their license, of course they’re going to push the gas and go above 45 mph, because they want to test to see how fast they can go without getting a ticket – they create a new limit. We are designed to crave change and new things, so to get to the news things faster, we break what we have.

Some people, when they meet someone new and interesting, break up with their S.O. as soon as possible and perhaps for no reason other than the longing for change. They break something for no reason, no good reason.

When I was little, I would break toys so my mom could buy me a new one, and just until recently have I realized that I carried that habit with me through life.

I am a victim of a horrible crime – breaking people. (It’s not as violent as you think, really…) I have pushed and prodded people in the worst ways that they have broken under my grasp. And honestly, I found joy in it, because I knew something better would come.

Until it never came.

Breaking things does not always guarantee something new in its place, sometimes it just means that what you broke stays broken until you either try to fix it, ignore it, or throw it away.

Yes, we are designed to break things, really everything in sight, but that does not mean that the objects (or in this case, people) deserve to be broken.


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