I encourage you to visit their website and look around, notice the diversity (but also what is not there, what is not represented yet).

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Purple Hibiscus: Wive’s Edition

ENGL 3000 December 2, 2016 The very first page of Adichie’s novel reads: “Things started to fall apart when my brother, Jaja, did not go to a communion and Papa flung his heavy missal across the room and broke the figurines on the étagère,” (Adichie); this quote was inspired by Nigerian author, Chinua Achebe, most… Continue reading Purple Hibiscus: Wive’s Edition

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Deaths in the Family – 2016

Earlier today, news was released that the beloved Prince died. A few days ago, the great Doris Roberts was reported dead. Earlier this year, we had two deaths very close together of two men who were loved by everyone: David Bowie and Alan Rickman. This still breaks my heart, to know that he won't produce anymore… Continue reading Deaths in the Family – 2016

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The Destruction and Remodeling of my Invisible Bookshelf: A Literacy Narrative

  BACK STORY: I had to write this for my English class this semester and I am genuinely proud of it, so here it is!   I have been living my life incompletely ever since I moved away from home; no, it is not because I am out on my own. It is because there is… Continue reading The Destruction and Remodeling of my Invisible Bookshelf: A Literacy Narrative

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Humans are Designed to Break Things

Everything seems breakable to us now a days - phones, clothes, shoes, and other people. We are designed to push things to its limits and even then, we find joy and amusement in pushing it through its breaking point until it can be broken no more. Is this a human flaw or a trait that… Continue reading Humans are Designed to Break Things